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Just a Dreamy Idea: Debut Album

Just a Dreamy Idea: Debut Album


Just a Dreamy Idea, my debut album, has just been released on Spotify, ITunes, CD Baby, Youtube, SoundCloud, etc. and I am so excited to share it with you! I poured my heart and soul into this project which has been over a year in the making. I began writing the first songs on this album just before my thirteenth birthday. Just a Dreamy Idea is an Adult Alternative album which is a little poetry, a little story telling, and little bit of a young love story. Some of the stories these songs tell are very real to me, and others were literally inspired by dreams. I used poetic license, imagery, and symbolism in the lyrics to tell the story of a girl with a lot of dreamy ideas. Some of the songs on the album are brand new and some have been changed since I originally released them on Sound Cloud. I refined the songs and changed some of the lyrics, and made some musical changes as well. As I worked on this project, I evolved as both a singer and a musician, and I wanted the songs to reflect who I am today. Even if you have listened to the earlier songs before, take a listen to the new versions. I would sincerely appreciate any feedback on this album. Feel free to reach out to me at I am interested to know which songs are your favorite and what you would like to hear more of. I would like to thank Chris Bihuniak from Rock Band Academy Studios for producing these songs. Thanks for listening!

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Alice, a song about staying true to yourself even when you don’t know which path to take

 Infinity, an ethereal song about how getting lost in a moment that feels like forever

The Judge’s Mask, a song about breaking free from judgement

Dreamiest Thing, a jazzy song about having a crush

Bullseye, a song about how choices affect destiny; sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, and sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference

Music Box Boy and Ballerina Girl, a nostalgic song about wanting to keep a certain feeling in a box that you can go back and revisit 

Garden by the Sea, a folk song I wrote about the loss of my beloved cat

Sun-Kissed, a flirty song with island vibes about a summer romance

It's 2019!🎉

It's 2019!🎉

Alice: An Original Song

Alice: An Original Song