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How to Build the Ultimate Blanket Fort⛺️

How to Build the Ultimate Blanket Fort⛺️

After many attempts at constructing blanket forts, I have finally found the secret to the ultimate blanket fort! Follow these steps for a perfect, cozy, game night for you and your friends.


Step 1:

Build the foundation of the fort

I have upgraded from using broomsticks stuck in-between the crevices of the couch for support, to a photo booth stand from Amazon (here). I clipped blankets to each side of the stand and used sandbags to weigh it down/keep it from falling over. It works best if you have an L-shaped sectional, so that you already have two of the sides. Then, you can simply pull up a chair for the remaining side, and drape the blanket over it.


Step 2:

Set the mood

Setting the right ambiance includes mood lightning, decor, and comfort. (Make sure that you use fake candles instead of actual fire inside your tent.) I decided to accessorize and lighten up the place with some string lights. This doubles up as decor because I clipped some polaroids of my friends onto the lights. You can also leave your Polaroid camera in your picture-worthy tent for photos, (and added aesthetic.) If you want to purchase a Polaroid camera just click here. For comfort and decor, I added floor pillows, a sheep skin rug, and some pillows off of Etsy. (Love you more pillow) (Eyelash pillow)


Step 3:

Provide Treats

An evening in your blanket fort would not be complete without treats! I recently made dog and cat, almond, sugar cookies and loved how they turned out, so I decided that I would make bow tie cookies again with the same recipe. To try out this recipe click here. Personalizing them with sprinkles only adds to the fun, so go crazy!


Step 4:

Play Games

Card games are a great way to get the conversation going. I chose Cards Against Humanity, which you can purchase here. It was a blast, and always makes me laugh! Entertainment is very important, so pick a games or movies that you and your friends will enjoy.

I hope these tips inspire you to embark on your own blanket-fort-making adventure!

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We all need to hide in a blanket fort sometimes.
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