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♻️Recycled Fashion♻️

♻️Recycled Fashion♻️

The leaves in Kansas City were so gorgeous this fall! It really makes you want to go outside and get active. With the weather starting to change, I have found myself in a bit of a predicament. I have apparently grown several inches taller since last year and most of my clothes no longer fit. Since I am replacing a large portion of my wardrobe, I needed to be a bit creative. One thing that I have been having a lot of fun with recently is the app, Poshmark. Poshmark is so easy to use and is a great way to buy and sell clothes. I having been selling a lot of my outgrown clothes on Poshmark, and then have been using the money to buy other clothes. I love the spirit of recycling and purchasing previously worn clothing. There are also a lot of NWT (new with tags) clothes for sale on Poshmark as well. Since it is Fall/the time to whip out the leggings and sweatshirts… I concentrated on replacing my athletic wear first. I really like how a lot of the tops this season are cropped and have bigger necks. This gave me the idea that I could create this look by cutting up some older style shirts. I headed to Savers to find some sweatshirts to cut up and found some that worked out really good for this. Below are three looks I put together most with previously owned clothing. Not only can you save money, you are also helping the environment by wearing recycled fashion!

Look 1:

This is the first sweatshirt that I cropped by cutting a few inches of the bottom. It was previously from Gap, but I found it at Savers. I really likes the cowl neck and color of this sweatshirt. Since I liked how this one turned out, I decided to keep cutting!

My new kitten, Hutch, loves looking out the window!

My new kitten, Hutch, loves looking out the window!


Look 2:

This gray sweatshirt was found at a thrift store as well. I’m not sure where it was originally from, but I thought it looked a bit like something from J Crew. The original neck on this sweatshirt was small and tight, so I cut it off. I liked the boxy, cropped fit of the sweatshirt, so left the rest of it as is. I got these printed leggings on Poshmark. They are Lululemon, but I purchased them at a fraction of the cost of new ones. I found these cute, pink Puma’s at Off Broadway. 


Look 3:

This navy blue sweatshirt is super soft, and I found it at Savers. It was originally from Aerie. It already had a large neck that makes it drape off the shoulder in a cute way. I cut a few inches off the bottom to give it a cropped look. The gray leggings are also from Lululemon but were found on Poshmark. I was also super excited to find these gray Sorrel boots on Poshmark as well!


This experiment with creating new looks with recycled fashion has been so much fun that I am planning on using it to replace other areas of my wardrobe as well. Happy Fall!🍁

~ gracenotes

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