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Party Hats, Pink Christmas Trees, and a One-Armed Sweater

Party Hats, Pink Christmas Trees, and a One-Armed Sweater

It's not unusual for someone in my family to be doing a big creative project. Usually it is my sister, Allie, who is an artist at Hallmark. I find out about a ton of artsy things from her. An inspirational blog that Allie showed to me is called Oh Happy Day. I was looking at it when I found some fun, festive party ideas! When I decided to make Christmas tree party hats for my friends, I didn't know it would take hours... but it was totally worth it. I made each hat slightly different from the next, so they each had their own personality. Instead of following the original directions, I switched it up a bit. I fringed crepe paper streamers instead of using large sheets of green crepe paper. I then glued the strips onto party hats instead of making my own hats out of paper. The best part about these hats, was how awesome my friends looked in them.😏 


I thought it would be fun to take pictures in the hats, so of course I needed a good photo backdrop! My family traditionally makes a photo backdrop in our basement for Christmas Eve, but we put one up a few days early this time. Our basement has been redone in the last year with navy and pink accents, so this year our basement is decorated for Christmas with a pink theme. The candy photo backdrop was also inspired by Oh Happy Day. The background is a pink plastic tablecloth, and the candy is balloons wrapped in cellophane. I think it turned out pretty sweet!


Speaking of sweets, I made our family's traditional green spritz cookies, but threw in some pink Christmas trees as well. For us, Christmas would not be complete without a trip to Laura Little's Fudge for candy, fudge, and chocolate covered pretzels! Something new we tried was the buntinis which we order from Nothing Bundt Cakes in assorted flavors. The lemon one was my favorite. We chose ugly Christmas sweaters for the toppers. In a sea of ugly Christmas sweaters, I tried to find a sweater to wear that I actually liked... One of my favorite sweaters this season is this one-armed sweater that I found at Nordstrom. I'm pretty sure I am going to look back and say, "Remember when I wore a one-armed sweater in 7th grade?!"😂 I'll admit that I'm not always the most practical person. Well that's my holidays for ya; party hats, pink Christmas trees, and a one-armed sweater. 

❄️Winter Vibes❄️

❄️Winter Vibes❄️

Element of Surprise

Element of Surprise