Welcome to my blog! My name is Grace Piper Fields. I am a singer/songwriter/actor/dancer based in Kansas City. Thanks for following along on my many adventures! 

Tiny Pleasures

Tiny Pleasures

October was a whirlwind of music, creepy stage make up, late nights, travel, Broadway shows, and a lot of good food. Besides traveling to New York, being in Stage Right Performing Arts production of The Addams Family consumed most of the month. This show was jam packed with talented and interesting people which made for a pretty outstanding October. The show had a fitting end with its final performance being on Halloween night. Now that its November, the month for Thanksgiving and gratitude has started, it has got me thinking about the small things. Sometimes it really is just the little things that matter most. I recently found a book called, The Tiny Book of Tiny Pleasures. It’s a fat, little book filled with with cute pictures of some of the simplest things, and I couldn’t look through this book without smiling. There are hundreds of pages in this book, but I thought it would be fun to pick out my 10 favorites. So here they are:


10. Pretty packaging:  I don't know why, but pretty packaging makes what's inside seem so much more special. 


9. Drinking tea out of a beautiful china cup:  When I was little, my mom and I used to get out my great-grandma’s tea cups after school and have afternoon “tea.” I loved doing that. Once in a while we do it still.


8. Small and delicious bites:  I'm kind of obsessed with Andre's pastries, the little lemon tarts, petitfores, and macaroons of course! 


7. (Shameless) Singing in the shower: This is me all the time. 

IMG_0876 copy.jpeg

6. Finding a moment of serenity: Life is so busy that sometimes I just need a moment of serenity.


5. Going to or giving a concert: I don't know what I would do without music.


4. A T.V. series obsession:  The T.V. series I am watching right now are Gossip Girl and Riverdale. I am a little behind on the latest episodes of Riverdale and need to catch up.


3. Spontaneous chats with strangers:  I love having random chats with strangers. It is highly entertaining and you never know what interesting people you may meet.


2. Friends who appreciate your quirks:  Friends should be people that you can be yourself around and accept you for who you are.


1. Falling down a rabbit hole of inspiration:  Probably one of my favorite things to do is to find things that inspire me or give me ideas. 

Cake Addiction!

Cake Addiction!

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